Hydrogen Valley Advisory

Africa will be a key supplier to the global green hydrogen market. In the coming decade, global demand for hydrogen will sky rocket, and countries will become more independent of traditional gas and oil producing countries. At the same time, most consuming countries will not be able to produce sufficiently. Many African countries have the potential to produce renewable energy, and thus green hydrogen, cheaper and in larger volumes. This creates an opportunity for a new energy sector contributing to green growth.

Impact Hydrogen provides companies and governments with solutions for the design of Hydrogen Valleys: geographical areas where green hydrogen value chains are developed in a way that immediately contribute to increased prosperity in the region. Based on the first European Hydrogen Valley model, and experience with the African renewable energy sector, we advise on the development of African Hydrogen Valleys: ecosystems of green hydrogen value chains, and the stakeholder system that enables it.

The value chains are developed based on local market and technological opportunities, and designed to immediately contribute to increased prosperity in the region, for example by boosting local SME, quality job creation, development of a local knowledge and innovation sector and usage of green hydrogen to decarbonise local industry.

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